All SCSI courses are now available for purchase using the GSA list for those eligible. All courses available at a location of your choice under contract.

All SCSI courses except those listed in "other locations" are now located in Southern California at the DoubleTree Hotel on the waterfront in San Pedro, California.

2010 Classroom Course Schedule
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Investigation Courses Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Air Traffic Control Investigation (ATCI)24-28
Aircraft Accident Investigation (AAI)15-2612-2304-15
Aircraft Maintenance Investigation (AMI)22-26
Aircraft Performance Investigation (API)16-20
Cabin Accident Investigation (CAI)25-29
Electronic Systems Investigation (ESI)23-27
Fire and Explosion Investigation (FEI)09-13
Flight Data Analysis (FDA)29-01
Gas Turbine Accident Investigation (GTAI)08-1201-05
Helicopter Accident Investigation (HAI)15-1925-29
Human Factors in Accident Investigation (HFAI)01-0526-3018-22
Investigation Management (IM)02-06
Prevention Courses Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Human Error in Accident Prevention (HEAP)14-18
Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance (HFAM)10-12
Human Factors in Maintenance Operations (HFMO)01-05
Investigation in Safety Management Systems (ISMS)20-24
Organizational Change Workshop (OCW)25-2927-01
Safety Management Systems - Complete (SMS-C)13-17
Safety Management Systems - Essentials (SMS-E)11-15
Safety Management Systems - Workshop (SMS-W)18-22
Classroom Courses and Symposia at Other Locations
Location Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Advanced Aircraft Accident Investigation (AAAI)
Aircraft Accident Investigation (AAI)
Aircraft Cabin Safety Symposium (CSS)
Orlando, Florida
Investigation in Safety Management Systems (ISMS)
Safety Management Systems - Complete (SMS-C)
Safety Management Systems - Workshop (SMS-W)