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There is an increasing need for well trained and qualified accident investigators throughout the aviation industry. New regulations and challenging accidents have and will continue to increase the demand for qualified, knowledgeable investigators.

Helping to meet the need for trained accident investigators is the purpose of the SCSI Certificate in Aircraft Accident Investigation. This SCSI certificate formally acknowledges that you have received the training and possess the knowledge to succeed in the Aircraft Accident Investigation profession. This SCSI certificate program has been carefully designed by the SCSI instructional staff and covers the core areas of knowledge and training required in accident investigation. You will take classroom courses and spend time in the SCSI crash lab with "hands-on" investigation training as you complete this certificate program.

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DoctorSCSI's team has performed safety reviews at Veterans Administration Hospitals, and was selected to participate in a RAND Corporation hospital safety study. Our goal is to help your organization improve quality of care for better patient outcomes. Let us help you become the standard by which others are measured. View brochure »

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Operating worldwide for over a quarter century, SCSI (Southern California Safety Institute) is an established center of excellence in safety training serving global leaders in the aviation, oil and healthcare industries. Headquartered in Southern California, SCSI offers full service safety training and consultation as well as Certificate Programs in Aircraft Accident Investigation and Safety Management Systems — both industry recognized. We have trained tens of thousands of individuals from regulatory, government, commercial, private, corporate, military and non-profit organizations from around the globe. SCSI also provides safety assessments and customized safety training plans for the Healthcare Industry to help improve patient safety and quality outcomes for individuals and communities. More »


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