Gary T. Hook

Gary's international experience in aviation safety has spanned more than three decades. He served 35 years in the Canadian Air Force as a fighter pilot, senior trainer, SMS Manager and leader. He has significant international experience as both a facilitator and trainer from Europe to Australian to all across North America.

For more than 10 years he has been directly involved in training the concepts of SMS, human factors, organizational factors, risk management, and communication on the international stage. He has worked with major airports all across Canada, the Caribbean, Europe and Brunei. He has worked with KLM in Amsterdam, FedEx in Memphis and a host of organizations across North America. He is an experienced accident investigator and is the SMS and Human Factors trainer for IAAE-Canada (International Association of Airport Executives).

As a Lieutenant Colonel in the Canadian Air Force he was awarded three Commander's Commendations, including the Air Force's highest commendation. The latter commendation was for his significant and lasting impact on influencing the safety culture within the Air Force for his work over six years as the Air Force SMS Manager.

As a pilot he has accumulated more than 5000 flying hours. The majority of this time was spent on operational fighter tours in Europe (9 years) and Canada. His last regular force assignment was as Commandant, Central Flying School. In addition to serving as the Commander's Senior advisor for all flying training, he was also in charge of the Canadian Air Force's training for Human Performance in Military Aviation, a composite program that covers MRM, CRM and TRM at all levels.

A brief overview of his extensive international experience with both civilian and military organizations includes:

  • Has worked as a lead trainer with SCSI since 2003 in areas of human factors, SMS, risk management, MRM, organizational change, human factors in maintenance, witness interviewing and SMS in Healthcare
  • Conducted workshops on SMS, occurrence investigation, risk management, human and organizational factors for major airports including: Calgary, Nanaimo, Ottawa, St Johns, Winnipeg, Vancouver, and the Grand Caymans International airports
  • Serves as the trainer for the International Association of Airport Executives - Canada in SMS, Human Factors, and Training the Trainer
  • Completely redesigned the Canadian Air Force Safety Management System processes and training. He has trained more than 900 military personnel in SMS, human factors, and risk management
  • Served as the SMS Manager for the Air Force for six years and was awarded two commendations for his leadership and enhancement of the Air Force safety culture
  • Keynote speaker at numerous conferences including the 9th International Symposium for Australian Aviation Psychologists, Coalition of Airline Pilots Association (CAPA) Annual Safety Conference, and SWIFT
  • Presented major workshops at both the International Symposium in Aviation Psychology and Transport Canada's Canadian Aviation Safety Seminar
  • A regular presenter at the SWIFT Conference(Summer Winter Integrated Field Technologies), the world's premier airfield conference.
  • He serves as the Chairman of the NATO Human Factors Working Group as part of his duties as an Air Force Reserve Officer
  • Has conducted two SMS training sessions for the NATO Airborne Early Warning component in Geilenkirchen, Germany
  • Outside of aviation he has presented major workshops to the Nuclear Energy Board of Canada, Manitoba Hydro and Sigfusson Northern Construction
  • He is also a certified facilitator for the Stephen Covey workshops having trained more than 1000 people
  • For 12 years has been the key facilitator for the Air Force training of supervisors associated with flying operations. He has trained more than 800 professionals in this discipline
  • Conducted several leadership workshops for the Department of National Defence Fire Chiefs
  • Developed and delivered training workshops for major Canadian airports in:
    • Risk Management
    • Occurrence Investigation
    • How to be an Effective Supervisor
    • Training the Trainer

Gary resides in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada with his wife Charmaine. He has two children, Nicholas and Caroline, one granddaughter Jaedyn and a flock of four legged 'furries' to bring more life into the household!

E. John Kennedy

Dr. Kennedy is a graduate of the University of Iowa College of Medicine, having received his degree in 1962, and also the Mayo Graduate School of Medicine in 1968, receiving his certificate in Internal Medicine.

He has been a Senior Lecturer since 1972 at the Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California in Aviation Safety, teaching Bio-Medicine and High Altitude Physiology. Dr. Kennedy is currently a lecturer at the Southern California Safety Institute in Aviation Physiology for Professional Programs.

Dr. Kennedy completed the USAF School of Aerospace Medicine and obtained the rating of Flight Surgeon in 1963. He served as Flight Surgeon member of a USAF Class A Mishap Investigation Board.

He maintains a full time internal medicine practice with many patients from the aviation field. Dr. Kennedy has developed course materials for NP65 Aviation Safety Courses, and participated in development of an FAA video on mid-air collision avoidance.

Dr. Kennedy is a member of the Aerospace Medical Association, Air Force Association, California Medical Association, Monterey County Medical Association, Tailhook Association and a Past President of the Tri-County American Heart Association.

Dr. Kennedy has had the opportunity of experiencing the thrill of flying during an air show with the Thunderbirds. He has catapulted from a carrier in an F-4 and trapped successfully, and has flown supersonic in an F-18 Hornet, all the while never touching the controls!

Jim Smith

Mr. Smith has an extensive career in the design and delivery of safety training to organizations that span the globe, and has held responsibilities that included the training of thousands of personnel in multiple locations. He has been involved with Safety Management Systems since its inception, and has been instrumental in SMS implementation with organizations such as Gulfstream and Rolls Royce Canada. His expertise in the practical application of SMS has helped earn Gulfstream an industry-wide reputation as a world leader in SMS.

Jim's 36 years of safety training experience included 28 years with Delta Air Lines, where he retired as a Director with the responsibility for overseeing all of the safety and technical training for over ten thousand individuals within his division. After retiring from Delta, Jim co-founded an aviation consulting business where he served as Managing Director until 2011, when he sold his portion of the business to his former business partner. Jim then went on to start his own aviation safety consulting business called The Aviation Safety Team where he focuses on assisting organizations across the globe in the design, implementation and support of their Safety Management Systems.

Jim's many years of operational experience coupled with his extensive training background and practical hands-on SMS experience make him uniquely qualified to share both classroom knowledge and real-life SMS implementation experience with his students and clients.