Arben Dika

Arben is Investigator and a Member of the Aeronautical Accident and Incident Investigation Commission within the Prime Minister Office of Republic of Kosovo. He was appointed by the Government of Republic of Kosovo in 2016. Arben is responsible for investigating aeronautical accidents and incidents within territory of Republic of Kosovo. He has been involved in many investigations as Investigator in Charge (IIC) and issued many safety recommendations in the final reports.

Arben is elected a Committee Member of European Society of Air Safety Investigators ESASI. ESASI is the European chapter of the International Society of Air Safety Investigators (ISASI) with a particular focus on current European issues in the investigation and prevention of accidents and incidents. ESASI’s mission is to promote air safety by the exchange of ideas, experiences and information about the findings from and outcomes of aircraft accident investigations, and to otherwise aid in the advancement of flight safety; to promote technical advancement by providing professional education through lectures, displays and presentations and by the exchange of information for mutual development of improved investigations; to broaden professional relationships among members; to maintain and increase the prestige, standing and influence of the Air Safety Investigator in matters of air safety.

His background is engineering and prior to accident investigation, Arben was Project Manager for many years and today he applies many Project Management techniques when investigating an accident/serious incident.