Certificate Program in Cabin Accident Investigation
Aircraft Accident Investigation (AAI)
21 Oct-01 Nov 2019 Long Beach
Flight Data Analysis (FDA)
09-11 Dec 2019 Long Beach
Human Factors in Accident Investigation (HFAI)
04-08 Nov 2019 Long Beach

These courses are also available by contract at your location.

This certificate program is designed specifically for professionals in Aircraft Cabin Safety and Cabin Crew/Flight Attendants who wish to demonstrate a capability in Aircraft Cabin Accident Investigation. This certificate program was announced at the 18th Annual Aircraft Cabin Safety Symposium in February 2001.

Required Courses

  • Aircraft Accident Investigation (AAI). In this course you will become familiar with the regulatory requirements for investigation and reporting, not only those requirements applicable to the United Sates, but also those of ICAO Annex 13 upon which almost all modern individual reporting and investigation requirements are based regardless of nation.

  • Cabin Accident Investigation (CAI). This course focuses on the aircraft cabin environment and related investigation requirements. Attendees will be presented with information to satisfy the requirements for participation in a major investigation assigned to Cabin Safety and Survivability groups. In addition attendees will become familiar with the design requirements for major transport aircraft with particular focus on survivability considerations. Finally, each attendee will learn the unique requirements for interviewing survivors and completely documenting the cabin for deficiencies, injuries sustained during the aircraft accident, escape from the aircraft, and survivability in the post-crash environment.

  • Human Factors in Accident Investigations (HFAI). This course teaches the required material for investigators to (a) identify the human error issues involved in an accident wherever they occurred (e.g. in the cockpit, ATC, management, maintenance, etc.) and (b) know when and how to call on the required human hactors experts for further analysis.

Elective courses/credit

Attendance at three International Aircraft Cabin Safety Symposia


Any elective from the list of AAI Certificate electives plus attendance at two International Aircraft Cabin Safety Symposia


Any two electives from the list of AAI Certificate Electives

Recommended electives include: IM, FDA and FAP

Once a participant has completed the required courses and elective courses/credit, SCSI will award the Certificate of Cabin Accident Investigation which will list the courses and credit completed and acknowledge your achievement.

SCSI will review requests to accept equivalent courses from another provider on a case by case basis. The SCSI instructional staff will evaluate requests for transfer of credit and a decision will be made by the Chief Learning Officer. SCSI will only recognize courses completed towards the certificate if they were taken within five years of the certificate award date and judged equivalent. Anyone wishing to apply for such credit should mail proof of completion (certificate or transcript) along with the substitution request.

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