Daryl Collins

Daryl Collins joined SCSI in 2024 as a Human Factors in Accident Investigation (HFAI) instructor. His primary employment is with the Canadian government as a regional air safety investigator, and also serves as a Standards and Quality Assurance investigator to help ensure investigations and reports meet national standards. Daryl is currently located in Ottawa, Ontario and has served as Investigator-in-Charge (IIC) of numerous accident investigations across Canada, and provided specialist support to a large number of other investigations.

Prior to becoming an accident investigator in 2009, Daryl completed a 20-year career in the Canadian Forces as a Search and Rescue (SAR) helicopter pilot, and concluded his career as the Commanding Officer of one of Canada’s most demanding SAR Squadrons. During his time in the military, Daryl obtained his Masters of Aeronautical Science with a dual specialization in Human Factors and System Safety. Daryl was also responsible for creating the Canadian Air Force’s Human Performance in Military Aviation (HPMA) program, which replaced all previous human factors training for aircrew, maintenance, and air traffic control personnel. The HPMA program was later adopted as a model for countries belonging to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

Over the past 25 years, Daryl has developed and delivered human factors, safety, and accident investigation training internationally to thousands of aviation (military and civilian), medical, gas, electric, construction, and management personnel. Daryl has extensive experience in a Train-the-Trainer capacity and is a UK-accredited Crew Resource Management Trainer (CRMT). Daryl specializes in turning human factors theory into practical skills that can be applied in an operational setting.

Daryl maintains a valid and current Airline Transport Pilot Licence – Helicopters and instrument rating. Daryl has accumulated over 3500 flight hours.