Course Catalog

Scheduled Courses (Also Available Anywhere, Anytime by Contract)

These courses are offered by SCSI according to a regularly published schedule at SCSI-selected locations. Anyone may register at any time for any course. Please see here for the latest 2018 and 2019 course schedules and registration information. Please note that any course listed below may be arranged by contract with SCSI for delivery at a location of your choice.

Safety Management Systems (Accident Prevention) Courses

Safety Management Systems Complete (SMS-C)
Crew Resource Management (CRM)
Flight Safety Officer Course (FSO)
Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance (HFAM)
Human Error and Accident Prevention (HEAP)
Investigation in Safety Management Systems (ISMS)
Leading Change in Safety Management Systems (LCSMS)
Operational Risk Management (ORM)
Practical System Safety (PSS)
Ramp and Maintenance Safety (RMS)
SMS - Quality Assurance (SMSQA)
Special Topics Course (Prevention) (ST)
Safety Management Systems - Regulators (SMS-ER)

Investigation Courses

Aircraft Accident Investigation (AAI)
Human Factors in Accident Investigations (HFAI)
Aircraft Performance Investigation (API)
Aircraft Maintenance Investigation (AMI)
Air Traffic Control Investigation (ATCI)
Condensed Aircraft Accident Investigation (CAAI)
Cabin Accident Investigation (CAI)
Electronic Systems Investigation (ESI)
Family Assistance Planning and Implementation (FAP) (available by contract only)
Fire and Explosion Investigation (FEI)
Fixed Wing Accident Investigation and Reporting (FWIR) (available by contract only)
Flight Data Analysis (FDA)
Flight Reconstruction from GPS Data (GPS) (available by contract only)
Gas Turbine Accident Investigation (GTAI)
Helicopter Accident Investigation (HAI)
Investigation Management (IM)
Investigation Total Immersion (ITI) (available by contract only)
Special Topics Course (Investigation) (ST)
Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)

Maintenance Resource Management (MRM) Courses

MRM Senior Managers Overview (MRM-S)
MRM Initial (MRM-I)
MRM Train the Trainers (MRM-T)
MRM Practical Hands-on Exercise (MRM-PE)
MRM Refresher (MRM-R)

Contract Courses (Available Anywhere, Anytime)

A contract course occurs when SCSI delivers an entire course to a customer at a time and place selected by the customer for a fixed price. A contract course has a significant discount price and will accommodate up to 30 students in the classroom.

Any scheduled course is also available by contract.

SCSI will deliver any scheduled course as a contract course at a customer-selected location.

Military Oriented Courses (available by contract only)

SCSI will deliver any of our military courses as a "contract course" at a customer-selected location. These courses meet the requirements of specific Statements of Objectives and military specifications (see each course description for details). They are functionally equivalent to the courses listed in the USAF Course Catalog where applicable.

Other Products and Services

In addition to offering training courses as described here, SCSI can provide other products and services as listed below. For more details contact SCSI directly at

  • Course Developing and Customizing for traditional classroom or web (distance learning)

  • Test Administration

  • Printed, Audio & Visual Instructional Material

  • SCSI Training Videos

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