Richard Reinecke

Richard Reinecke has worked more than 35 years in the military and commercial aviation industry. A seasoned expert in aviation operations, his background includes a broad range of aviation areas to include Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) aviation programs, commercial airline flight operations, and military helicopter and fixed wing operations. He served as a Marine Corps weapons and tactics expert, commanded a composite Marine Corps squadron, and has significant experience operating aircraft from assault carriers. He has an extensive background in expeditionary flight operations both ashore and at sea. Following a 23 year career in the Marines, he was the director of training for a Part 135 and Part 121 aircraft operator in Alaska before spending the last decade developing, planning, and executing numerous ISR aviation programs. He’s developed and implemented helicopter and fixed wing operational risk management training programs as well as leading the Safety Management Systems program implementation for a Part 121 regional air carrier. As an accredited International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) auditor for the International Standards – Business Aviation Operations (IS-BAO) program, he promotes the use of high quality operating practices for international business aircraft operations.  Richard is a commercial and instrumented rated helicopter and multi-engine fixed wing pilot and retired Marine Corps naval aviator.